A Journey in Dangerous Ideas

Beware the Most Dangerous Women!

Fall 2018
3 Sessions

Instructor:  Chris Highland

Most Dangerous Women: Wright, Fuller, Mott, Stanton  (with special appearance by Sojourner Truth)

In three sessions of lecture and discussion we will be challenged by the great minds of four representative women who changed the course of American history. Each contributed to major shifts in views on equality, justice and rights.

Our investigations will be guided by Stanton’s admiration for her friend and mentor Lucretia Mott: “I was amazed to hear Mrs. Mott spoken of as a most dangerous woman. Again and again I was warned against her influence. She was spoken of as an infidel, a heretic, a disturber, who had destroyed the peace.”

All readings will be posted on the “Course Map” page

Header Photo:  Site of First Women’s Rights Convention (1848), Seneca Falls, New York

Below:  National Women’s Rights center, Seneca Falls, New York


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